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As an OPS Engineer you will  maintain the IT stack (including risk & security) and you will help to deliver business value across the entire end-to-end application chain together with your team. You understand the total stack and contribute to all activities on your backlog: You are able to move all typical stories and tasks from To Do to Done.

Some examples of activities are:

  • Refinement and planning with your team, teams from the involved E2E chain and the Product Owner. The change needs to be an integrated part of the total solution.
  • Use your knowledge of one or more frameworks (depending on your domain this concerns User Interfaces, Middleware, Databases, etc.) to make your application better.
  • Have an understanding of Operating Systems and Middleware software which you configure to deliver agreed features. You know where the risks are between your application/DB and OS and middleware.
  • You understand and apply capacity- and performance management.
  • You understand the principles of Continuous Delivery and use these in your DevOps team.
  • You test code and applications: unit, system, regression, functional, integration, security, PEN, and chain testing at different (more and more connected) environments.
  • You keep the team compliant to the risk standard of ING, daily maintenance of the required evidence and follow up on the changes in the risk standards and policies.
  • You keep the IT Service secure at all levels: OS, middleware, application, chain and ING level. You take the right countermeasures to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
  • You use the most important ITIL processes and understand how these support the quality of your application.
  • You and your team play a more and more important role in “hire & fire” and planning, coaching, and appraisal process. Therefore asking and receiving honest feedback is very important.

You will be fully part of an enthusiastic multi-disciplinary team that has a willingness to help you grow and learn as much as possible throughout your position.

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For further inquiries, please contact Stanley Waccary, Business manager via Stanley.Waccary@ing.com.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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